• The gravitational force with which the sun attracts the earthi) is less than the force with which the earth attracts the sun
    ii)is the same as the force with which the earth attracts the sun
    iii) is more than the force with which the earth attracts the sun
    iv) varies with the distance between them

    a) 1 only b) 2 & 4                 c)1&4                    d)3&4

  • The mass of a body is different from its weight becausei) mass is a variable quantity whereas weight is constant
    ii) mass varies very little at different places whereas weight varies a lot
    iii) mass is constant but weight decreases as the body moves from the poles to the equator
    iv) mass is a measure of the quantity of matter whereas weight is a force

    a)1 only b)2 & 4                  c)3 only                                d)3 & 4

  • A ball tied with a string to a rotating shaft revolves at a uniform speed. As the shaft suddenly comes to rest the string starts getting around the shaft with the angular velocity of the balla) increasing
    b) decreasing
    c) remaining constant
    d) becoming zero
  • A sheet of paper can be pulled out from below a glass of water without spilling the water. This phenomenon illustratesa) lack of friction between paper and glass
    b) newton’s 3rd law of motion
    c) newtons 1st law of motion
    c) accelereation
  • If two bodies, one heavy and one light are acted upon by the same force for the for the same time then both bodies acquire thea) same velocity
    b) same momentum
    c) same acceleration
    d) none of these
  • A car moving north with a certain velocity covers a distance of 60km in 30min then moves 40km east with the same velocity in 40min. Calculate the velocity of the car at which it is moving finally.a)33.33m/s b) 66.66m/s        c) 22.22m/s         d)77.77m/s
  • Buttes & Mesas are formed from erosion of soil ina) residual mountains
    b) dissected plateau
    c) erosional plains
    d) fold mountains
  • The most fertile lands in the earth are ina) structural plains
    b) depositional plains
    c) erosional plains
    d) dissected plains
  • Nappe is formed because of the breaking of the crust. It is due toa) over folding of fold mountains
    b) over pressure of block mountains
    c) both a & b
    d) none of these
  • A person planning to travel by the shortest route should follow,a) the winds
    b) the rivers
    c) the latitudes
    d) the longitudes
  • Identify the sedimentary rocksi)basalt ii) limestone iii)shale                 iv)granite             v)quartzite

    a) i & ii                      b) ii & iii                c) ii & v                  d) iii & iv

  • In which region can the phenomenon of midnight sun be observed?a) In the tropical zone
    b) in the warm temperate regions
    c) in the Arctic and Antarctic regions
    d) anywhere at the time of solar eclipse