Maths -3

1) At least which number must be subtracted from 9999999 so that it will become the multiple of 125?

  1. a) 124 b) 4
  2. c) 24 d) None of these

2) The ratio of two numbers is 15:11 their HCF be 13 then these numbers will be:

  1. a) 15:11 b) 75:55
  2. c) 105:77 d)195:143

3) 123 typists typed 984 papers in 1/15 hour. The number of papers typed per minute by an average typist is:

  1. a) 1 b) 2
  2. c) 3 d) 5

4) In the 75 liters of mixture of milk and water, the ratio of milk and water is 4:1. The quantity of water required to make the ratio of milk and water 3:1 is:

  1. a) 1 liters b) 3 liters
  2. c) 4 liters d) 5 liters

5) The per cent profit made when an article is sold for Rs. 56 is thrice as when it is sold for Rs. 42. The cost price of the article is:

  1. a) Rs. 48 b) Rs. 49
  2. c) Rs. 50 d) Rs. 35

6) A trader uses a weight of 920g instead of 1kg and sells the article at the marked price which is 15% above the cost price. Find the profit percentage

  1. a) 20% b) 23%
  2. c) 25% d)can’t be determined

Directions (7 to 9) : P,Q, R, S, T, U, V and W are sitting round the circle and are facing the center:

  • P is second to the right of T who is the neighbor of R and V.
  • S is not the neighbor of P?
  • V is the neighbor of U.
  • Q is not between S and W. W is not between U and S.


7) What is the position of S?

  1. a) Between U and V b) Second to the right of P
  2. c) To the immediate right of W         d) Date inadequate


8) Which two of the following are not neighbors?

  1. a) RV b) UV
  2. c) RP d) QW


9) Which of the following is correct?

  1. a) P is to the immediate right of Q b) R is between U and V
  2. c) Q is to the immediate left of W d) U is between W and S


10) A can do a piece of work in 5 days, B can do it in 10 days. With the help of C, they finish the work in 2 days. In how many days C alone can do the whole work?

  1. a) 3 b) 4
  2. c) 5 d) 6


11) ‘A’ goes 10 km distance with average speed of 6 km/h while rest 20 km he travels with an average speed of 15 km/h. What is the average speed of ‘A’ during the whole journey?

  1. a) 10 km/h b) 12 km/h
  2. c) 13 km/h d) 14.5 km/h


12) A train 270 m long is running over a bridge of length of 130 m with a speed of 40 m/s. What is the time taken by this train to cross the bridge?

  1. a) 6 s b) 16 s
  2. c) 10 s d) None of these

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